• 1997

    First ride

    The founder of Stal De Braembeier, Amel Benoot, started her passion for horses from the first ride at the age of 5. A passion she never let go. Several times a week she rode with ponies.

  • 2004

    The first horse

    Amel got her first own horse from family. Miranka was a complex mare but a good all rounder. After 18 months it turned out the mare had navicular bone disease. A defect which the previous owner knew but kept secret during the sale. As a young starter, Amel never asked for an examination because she bought the mare in good trust. Of course, it was hard for Amel to say goodbye to her first horse and she started breeding with the mare. The offspring turned out to all have health issues. She told herself never to make these mistakes again.

  • 2006

    First foal

    Amel bred out of Miranka her first foal, Hidden Cherrie (v. Warkant van ’t Gestelhof)

  • 2007

    Riding school

    At the age of 15 she started pursuing a career in the professional horse business and enrolled in a riding school. In order to follow all riding classes at school, Amel needed a new horse. Her grandparents bought her Dante, a three year old mare in the hope she could train her to a higher level. The daily routine and group lessons seemed not to be the ideal climate for a young horse so after only 6 months the young mare had to be sold again. After facing already two disappointments, she had look for a new horse. Through family connections, she found Quovonito, a 7 year old gelding. Since Amel’s first horse, Miranka, turned out to have health issues, Amels’ family wanted to have a good examination of the horse before acquiring the gelding. Amels’ family agreed with the sellers of Quovonito, they’d attend the examination of the veterinary. Upon arrival on the agreed time of the examination, the sellers told Amels’ family the veterinary already left and handed them the CD and the horse ID. The sellers also pretended to RX-rays were approved by the veterinary. Amels’ grandfather also wanted to buy a mare so her granddaughter could start breeding. So he also bought a mare from the same sellers, Cousi vd Kempenhoeve. Amel continued riding school with Quovonito and almost finished riding school with the horse. But just before her finals the gelding started to get lame. After some research, they found out the gelding also had navicular bone disease. Amel and her family figured out the horse already suffered from this disease when they bought him and realized that they were tricked again in a bad deal. With some medical support Amel could do her finals with the horse but he never recovered from the disease.

  • 2011

    New broodmares

    Amels’ family invested in a new broodmares. They bought Ushuaia (Darco x Major De La Cour). The mare was closely related to a lot of 1.60m horses such Quatro, Porsche, Waragi van de Kranenburg, … Nevertheless it was hard to breed with the mare because of medical issues. The first year the mare lost her in-utero foal. But Amel was persistent and tried again the year after

  • 2012

    Kick off breeding farm "Stal De Braembeier"

    The first two foals “van de Braembeier” were born. Goldstar vd Braembeier, a Zilverstar T son out of Cousi vd Kempenhoeve and Maybach Turbo vd Braembeier (Turbo van ’t Gestelhof). Amel tried again to breed and with success. Eventually she had two foals from her and then she sold her. She also had a sister of Ushuaia, Carrera van de Kranenburg but was never able to breed from her.

  • 2013

    More foals

    Amel gained by now already some experience and took lessons from the obstacles she faced. Amel and her family invested in some new horses. Two new broodmares Lupine II M (v. Nimmerdor) and Ibs (v. Cayado). Both mares were in foal of Cooper vd Heffinck. They bought three yearlings and one three year old. The three year old Faithfull D (v. President) and the yearlings were by Zilverstar T and Cayenne vd Heffinck. From then, things got better and the business started to grown. From then on, Amel persisted with honest horse trading and qualitative breeding. She wants her customers to be happy with the horses they buy from her

  • 2019


    Today Stal De Braembeier is runned by Amel and her partner Alexander. The focus is on qualitative damlines in both jumping as dressage. Performance in the damline of the broodmare and performing mares are the basis of the breeding farm. In purchasing and selling there is a high focus on perfect health condition, good informtion of (potential) buyer and straight forward after sales services. Embryo’s, foals, young horses and sport horses are being sold worldwide with nothing then satisfied customers